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Michael Jackson Rushed to Hospital After Cardiac Arrest, Reportedly in a Coma

Michael Jackson has been rushed to UCLA hospital in LA after suffering from reported cardiac arrest. Members of his family including both his mother and father are allegedly on their way to visit him now. According to Joe Jackson, Michael "is not doing well." We'll keep you updated as the story develops.

Update: According to The LA Times he is currently in a coma. There are also reports that he has passed away, but there has been no word on this from his family. Our thoughts and hopes are going out to Michael and his family.

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PopDiva24 PopDiva24 8 years
I cannot believe the King of Pop is no more. It's so sad. My kids will never know MJ being alive. I will never get to see him perform. His poor family. This is beyond sad.
Shari-Lyn Shari-Lyn 8 years
My good God this is really sad! Michael was the absolute best there will ever be, and I can undoubtedly say no artist will ever compare especially looking @ the condition of the music industry. Michael Jackson is a WORLD proclaimed legend!! God please have mery and bless his soul. My prayers go out to ALL his loved ones, my God!!!! For those saying negative things you should certainly be ashamed! Let the man rest in PEACE and focus on your own wrongdoings regardless of how small you may make them out to be. We can only judge on what we know for sure, what we have seen which is a WONDERFUL entertainer. We certainly aren't juges of his soul so let's not pretend to be. R.I.P. MICHAEL JACKSON YOU ARE DEEPLY MISSED!
sophie-meas sophie-meas 8 years
OMG that is so sad.What a great human being we have lost.RIP Michael.You will always live in our hearts and linger in our minds forever through the brillant music that you have left behind for us.Thank you so much.
shantejam shantejam 8 years
Aw this is so sad. Michael Jackson was a musical genius, entertainer, dancing machine, an innovator, so many entertainers now sample his style.
IheartChanel IheartChanel 8 years
htown0419- As we can all now see, that wasn't the case. And to be honest, as mean as Perez Hilton is, he wouldn't make up a rumor of someones death. That's a cruel thing to even think someone would do.
samherlihy samherlihy 8 years
Oh for goodness sakes, ANONYMOUS (really, pop> still with the anonymous??. It's pedophile, first of all. Do you know him? Were you there? Do you know anyone who had kids spend time around him? Do you know anyone personally who was ever falsely accused? The fact is, you DON'T know what happened. You don't! What's your point in maligning someone who's dead anyway? Does it make you feel good?
Pampire Pampire 8 years
I heard that he was in a "coma" when they arrived at his house around noon eastern time and they were not able to revive him, and that they tried to revive before the 6 min drive to UCLA in the ambulance so he was probably already gone before the paramedics got there.
samherlihy samherlihy 8 years
Man, some of you people on here are piranhas. You have no idea what happened with this idea! Has it ever occurred to you that the people who accused him had something to gain (money) and those who didn't have something to gain by convicting him came out strongly in his defense? It makes me crazy that you're all so sure that he was guilty. Was he messed up and incredibly eccentric from an abusive childhood wherein he was treated like a cash cow by those who should have been protecting him? Yes. Guilty of the crimes for which he was charged...don't be so sure.RIP....I know he brought me a lot of joy.
Hellakittie Hellakittie 8 years
this can't be true. please.
Pampire Pampire 8 years
Message just come through on my blackberry he has indeed passed :(
DianeA DianeA 8 years
yes,News Australia, TMZ, declared he is alreadfy dead. which i believe its true, just that maybe they want to protect for some hours the story,and to prepare the declarations. Mailonline also declares the story of TMZ; Skynews also declared some moments ago that he is dead. and finaly LA Times and CNN admit now that he is in a 'coma' -which by now means of course that he is dead. i dont know why they just try to prolongue it. in anycase. RIP Michael.
Angellie Angellie 8 years
Sad day. :(
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