Michelle and Seth Take a Ride on the Set of Take This Waltz

Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen shared a few laughs as they were pulled along in a rickshaw filming Take This Waltz in Toronto, Canada, on Thursday. Michelle debuted her new red bob earlier in the week, though most of you are unsure about the style change after falling for her blond pixie cut as she and Ryan Gosling promoted Blue Valentine at Cannes. Seth also has a number of movies in the pipeline and will take a detour from his typical comedic role in the action-packed The Green Hornet, which hits theaters later this year.

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This woman is going to play Marilyn Monroe? You have to be kidding.
i usually think that she's adorable but i'm not necessarily that into the red hair. at least we know it's for a movie which means that she'll be back to blonde before we know it!
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