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Shawn15326640 Shawn15326640 3 years
another puppet!!!!
Xaiver15309943 Xaiver15309943 3 years
Skanky Skanky Skanky SKANK!!!!
Todd15266669 Todd15266669 3 years
Those of you commenting in reference to Miley being an adult now and making her own decisions obviously have no idea what is going on with her. Her outfit and blank stares alone perfectly illustrates that she is a mild controlled slave/puppet and she is certainly not making her own decisions. Her father even spoke about this back in 2011. For those of you judging here you have absolutely no idea what this poor girls is going through and instead of bashing her need to extend your support for her survival because history has shown time and time again that these stars wind up dead in some type of "tragic" accident.
Kyle15082706 Kyle15082706 3 years
Miley is very beautiful backstage. Onstange, she is damn freaky.
KawttonKandii KawttonKandii 3 years
For those that are judging, stop. She is who she is! "But she wasn't like this on disney channel!" Oh shut up! She was under 18 and had to abide by rules! She is now showing who she is so let her be her! The motto is just be you. Do you think she cares what the haters think? No. Besides, who are you to judge? Are you Jesus? For the stupid people don't even say you are because it's not cute. It's freakin' stupid. Let her be her. You be you. Don't like her? Don't look at her. God gave you a neck and you sure can turn it!
Michelle15178183 Michelle15178183 3 years
@Sabrina15177682 Miley is no longer associated with Disney. She is an adult who is allowed to make her own decisions. If she wants to dress that way she can. Don't forget those child fans of hers have grown up too. Let me ask you this. If she was a brand new celebrity who didn't have a Disney past, and what we see right now was the style she introduced herself to the world with, would you have the same opinion?
Sabrina15177682 Sabrina15177682 3 years
@stmax Please wash you eyes or get some glasses, this is hideous, & sickening. I would not be as sickened if it weren't for the fact she has child fans following her from her old Hannah Montana days this is no way she should be displaying herself to her younger fans!
stmax stmax 3 years
hoooh, nice cat. like the photo and her dressing style. beautiful !!!
JoeOvercoat15170942 JoeOvercoat15170942 3 years
That cat has got to be the creepiest kitty her graphics team could come up with.
Karl15165277 Karl15165277 3 years
I was watching this when my dog jumped out the window
Joe15155512 Joe15155512 3 years
She looks freaky.
Ralph15144344 Ralph15144344 3 years
As a former road-musician I can remember the night I was in "Hanna Montana." I said, "Who's your GRANDdaddy? Now pull my finger!"
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