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Louie Louie 5 years
I don't care much for either of these two but I CAN'T wait to see The Hunger Games trailer! Loved the books, so hopefully the movie is just as good.
TheBoy TheBoy 5 years
On Celebrities Stars at VMA's Most People Think about Famous Celebrities where you see your favortive Celebrities Stars on the red carpet it's held in my hometown los angeles, cailforina but I know about other Celebrities you can't seem to name them all I might name few famous people like Miley Cyrus, Liam Taylor Swift the list goes and on and on form there you can't see what their doing out there in hollywood impossbility mean that She (Miley) might have a chance to go the big show on sunday on March 24, 2006 where She (Hannah Montana) made it 1st Teleivsion debut since the american past time in 1996-1997 I remember seening my mentor when she about 14 years old when she did Hannah Montana the next thing you know your looking at this eighteen year old woman currently dating her Boyfriend (Liam) and many others to come around the corncer she talks about gay Marrige form getting your good on she appeared on iamthest sceince of rock and roll this past sunday there 50% perecent chance that She (Miley) won't aoplogzie to me since on March 2007 Hannah Montana was huge hit form childern who love her around the world I know shes been in hollywood business for a long time there some people like her fans think there's about 60% she's not going to sing this sunday night at The VMA's I don't know whats going to happen there. I don't know she has a chance left with her boyfriend I don't know what their future holds form them in their personal lives are concern they make a good couple but I repsect them for what they do for their fans and then the very same day she's countine's to date him. I bet she feels the same way as I do, but I know this isn't over yet at the vma's well just to wait and see what happens when she appears at big show this sunday there's about 70% sure that won't make her apologize to me I bet the producters sure can think of something about this Situtaion Joe Jonas, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Sterling Knight, the list of names just conutine to grow there's about between no teenagers at the time before they were famous take lifehouse for example turst me fans I've been throught bullying before I was eight years old when I left Cailforina I've bullying by celebrity like Miley I will never forget the sketch where she impresson other celebrities and I'm became the bouns person it's wasn't fair enough for her do that to disorder children such as myself I have disorder and she didn't know about it till now.
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