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Minnie Driver Pregnant With Her First Child

Sugar Bits — Minnie Driver Is Pregnant!

  • After a great deal of speculation, Minnie Driver confirmed last night that she is expecting her first child, though she did not reveal the identity of the father. — lilsugar
  • An audio tape between Chris Rock and the controversial LA investigator Anthony Pellicano has been leaked; in it, the two men discuss plans to dirty the reputation of a woman who accused Chris of rape after an affair in 1998. — The Huffington Post
  • An Indian court has cleared Richard Gere of obscenity charges, following an incident last year in which he publicly embraced and kissed a Bollywood actress. — CitizenSugar
  • Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly have spoken out about the accidental overdose of their newborn twins in order to draw attention to preventable medical errors. He said, "there's 100,000 people a year killed . . . in hospitals by medical mistakes. It’s bigger than AIDS. It’s bigger than breast cancer. It’s bigger than automobile accidents and yet, no one seems to be really aware of the problem." — CBS
  • Sheryl Crow is planning a collaboration with Fleetwood Mac. — AP
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