It's very unusual to see Mischa in something that doesn't push the limits of fashion, but maybe she just threw this on to run out and get a coffee. It's mistakes like this that can cost her the number one spot on the Best of Lists of 2006. In fact, Mischa came in second to Beyonce on Life & Style's Best Dressed of 2006. Either that, or a couple of other mistakes she made along the way. You know, the ones that made us go - well, that's just ugly! Luckily more often than not, she's on her game. Here's more:

Never one to shy away from bold prints, daring colors and unusual shapes, “Mischa Barton has a knack for mixing and matching,” says Jaye Hersh, owner of celeb mecca Intuition. “She doesn’t follow any rules, and she always looks like she feels comfortable in what she has on,” adds Hersh. “It never seems thrown together, but it appears as though there’s no effort whatsoever.”

Second isn't number one, but it's still pretty good. Plus, there's always next year! To see who else was on Life & Style's Best Dressed list and for more pics of Mischa just

#1 Beyoncé Knowles
#2 Mischa Barton
#3 Scarlett Johansson
#4 Jennifer Lopez
#5. Julianne Moore
#6 Lindsay Lohan
#7 Demi Moore
#8 Gwen Stefani
#9 Katie Holmes
#10 Jennifer Aniston.