Ms Mischa works hard for the money. The ex-OC actress has been working hard pimping Milk, bebe, Morgan and Keds this year. Here she is at the latest Keds in store promotion. The new line is called Rave sneakers and they have a distressed look. Mischa knows to not let this whole acting thing go to her head. She said:

"I was becoming too high maintenance. Actors start talking about themselves as if they are the most important people on Earth - I was no different. We have to have a big belief in ourselves. For most of us all it's all about, 'Me, me, me.' It's a mad business. You play so many characters, and have to almost try to become them. The self-absorption can take over your life. And the younger you are, the worse it can become."

Lots more pics of Mischa promoting Keds so