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Mitt Romney Documentary Trailer

Watch Mitt Romney's Reaction the Moment He Lost the Election

What, exactly, was it like for Mitt Romney the night he lost the 2012 presidential election? It's been just over a year since President Obama was reelected, but a Netflix original documentary, Mitt, offers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the Republican presidential candidate's time on the campaign trail. The film, directed by Greg Whiteley, follows six years of Romney's life, and one of the most fascinating moments of the trailer comes when Romney checks his phone and realizes he's going to lose the presidential race. "So, what do you think you say in a concession speech?" he asks. Watch the Mitt trailer above, and see it on Netflix starting Jan. 24.

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GenB50 GenB50 3 years
We were absolutely devastated on that day. My husband stood in the voting line for 3 hours in the cold dark and rain after working all day, not to mention on an empty stomach. I don't like to stereo type but definitely gave the advantage to those that abuse the system and don't have to put in a days work to receive the trinkets offered to them courtesy of the tax revenues we work for. (please don't misunderstand, there are plenty that wish they didn't have to resort to "hand outs") I believe Mitt lost the election because he was too honest. I hope lessons were learned that if you don't like everything a candidate is saying, maybe he's the honest candidate. On the flip side, if you like everything he is saying, that it's a good possibility he's just saying what you want to hear as in Obama's case. It was sad and frustrating that voters couldn't grasp the common sense of most of Mitt's proposals. Also the common sense to understand that this nation is no different to run than any large business and Mr Romney's vast knowledge would have been a treasure! I knew the middle class and small business would be taking all the hits once Obama was elected but I never dreamed it would be THIS horrible! All favoritism for Unions while they destroy us and any charitable organizations because they cut into the Union's business. What kind of world do we live in when Volunteer firefighters and "Little Sisters of the poor" will be penalized until they have to close the doors!!
bluegirl58 bluegirl58 3 years
How about the look on our faces since then?????? How much is the deficit and growing??? Where is unemployment???? Where are our jobs???? Where is our plan we were promised we could keep?????? Where is our doctor we were promised we could keep???? Need I go on???? Why this is up, I have no idea but lauding the re-election of a man who is turning this nation into a third world country is by no means something to look back on and celebrate, is it???? Unless you're celebrating the gullibility and stupidity of a good portion of this country and if you're doing that, this moment in November of 2012 was when we could have gotten a life line, and chose not to. Again, hardly a stellar moment in the history of this country.
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