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More on Affleck's Privates

More on Affleck's Privates

For some reason, there has been a recent outpour of discussion of Ben Affleck's strange behavior of displaying his genitals on each movie set he has been on. First Kevin Smith discussed it, and now Christina Applegate is telling her story. She said, "They were doing a shot of a briefcase and Ben put his stuff on the case. It was gross."

Defamer reports that Kevin's still talking. After the recent Maxim UK article where Kevin exposed Ben's well, exposing story, he continued to talk about his buddy in another UK magazine, Uncut. He said things like,"

(KS)....Of course, Affleck, right now, is getting the shit knocked out of him - but that seems to have run its course.

(Uncut asks) What makes you think that open season on Affleck is over?

(KS) I think that Truth, Justice and the American Way (Allen Coulter’s upcoming movie about the mystery surrounding typecast 50’s Superman actor George Reeves’ sudden death, starring Affleck as Reeves] is the movie that’ll put him back on top. It’s Ben Affleck, a guy whose career has been troubled over the last year, playing George Reeves, a guy who’s career had been troubled for many years prior to his death. It’s a perfect role for him, and he’s not the lead – the movie’s really about the guy investigating Reeves’ death [played by Adrien Brody], so Affleck doesn’t have to carry the whole fucking thing. It’s a perfect comeback vehicle and we know this because we have Pulp Fiction as the model - this is the Travolta role from Pulp Fiction.

(KS) Back when I was writing Chasing Amy for Affleck, he gave me the Good Will Hunting script and asked me to put it in front of Harvey. I read it in the bathroom. I was there for two hours and just read the whole fucking script - y’know, fucking weeping on the toilet, which I normally do when I look between my legs. I fucking loved the script and I called Harvey and said “Boss, I know this sounds stupid, but this script my friends wrote, it’s like the best thing I’ve ever read, it’s fucking breathtaking. Like it’s good, it’s Oscar good…. I think.

You can read the whole article here.

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