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Sica Sica 9 years
Man, she's always beautiful in black.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
Imabeliever Imabeliever 9 years
Any real fan above the age of 15 would know that she did drugs. She was very frank about her drug use in many print and tv interviews.. as well as admitting to cutting herself and being bi-sexual. I think a lot of her older fans appreaciate that fact that she admitted to it. Fans never call her a saint. She is no saint. She never claimed to be one either. I think that is why a lot of people like her. I was not really a fan until she divorced BBT. I was never a Aniston fan. I was ALWAYS a Brad fan.. ever since I saw him on the big screen as JD! HOLY HICTCHIKERS he was hot!! :DROOL:
desertbanshee desertbanshee 9 years
What a beautiful place. Looks like they are enjoying themselves and have everything they need to be happy. Good for them.
Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
Boring and overexposed couple with their kids! What's new?
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
me too judec it is so much calmer now
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
It does sound like I missed some kind of crazy drama then, PinkPrincess. Can't say I'm sorry about that. I'm just glad things around here are as calm as they are lately ;)
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
no one is againt positive comments
historymystery historymystery 9 years
:) My shrine has no room for another deity. Besides, Morrigu is somewhat territorial.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
judec you are the exception because you were not even a member then unless you were using a different screen name, i too admire her work and thats about it, i agree history idolizing is very creepy thats how we end up with these pictures from a far
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
Why does the discussion always revert to "idolizing"? It is possible that many people just happen to like her and can post positive comments about her without setting up a shrine to her as their own personal deity, you know?
historymystery historymystery 9 years
True, idolizing can be very scary. I mean, I personally admire her humanitarian work, and found it's inspired me to do a little bit of my own (I knit socks, hats, mitts and scarves for homeless people through an organization called StreetKnit for example, and have a pile of squares to send to Afgans for Afgans), and I admire the initiative that he took in rebuilding the Ninth Ward in New Orleans (next summer I shall be in the Big Easy...finally after a lifetime of dreaming). But I don't idolize them. :) To me, idolizing a human being like that puts you into the same group as, whackjob. lol. It becomes scary, and always puts me into mind of the hate mail I've seen on any website that dares to put images of Michael Jackson's face in chronological order. Frightening.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
I doubt that "all" her fans "swore up and down" that she had never touched drugs. I've been a fan for a long time, and I always knew (not like it was ever supposed to be some kind of secret--she's always been open about that stuff as far as I know) that she used to do quite a lot of drugs. Some may have been in denial, but I doubt that that was the majority. Like historymystery says--old news.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
very true history but no one should idolize someone i think is where im getting at, anyway don't want the heated discussion
historymystery historymystery 9 years
I think the same can be said about any fan of any celebrity, big or small.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
i could careless whether she did drugs or not, its the arguement you get from the fans, like how do they really know, whatever just think its funny how fans are won over
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Yes, she admitted it. I took her at her word when she herself gave it that she did drugs. It's actually no skin off my nose if she did or didn't. I'm just saying the video is an old one and so is the news.
historymystery historymystery 9 years
I love my family very much, but if I spent a large amount of time with them in the same building I'd go completely insane. Christmas and Thanksgiving are perfect examples. By the end of the holidays I just want to go to my own home and my husband and my cats and live my life until the next family gathering. There is nothing wrong with that at all, and I keep in touch with them anyway via telephone and internet. Every family is different in how they express their love for one another and it is not up to us to judge them unless there is criminal activity involved.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
history she admitted it all her fans swore up and down on their families that she had never touched drugs, like anyone would really know like they know her
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
yes jag we finally a few months ago let that one go about her heroin using ways, but thanks for re opening old wounds, lmfao, i agree if i had all the money they do i definitely would have all my family with me in a one hundred bedroom house different suites
historymystery historymystery 9 years
Yes, it's an old video and she'd admitted to having done heroin and other drugs a LONG time ago. Both the use and the admittance. As for family, I think you might be ignoring what others have posted over and over about other members of their extended family here.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
bathroom or bathrobe
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
i'm just curious to when you cross invasion of privacy. someone please educate me!! but i def. love the blue bathroom that pax is wearing he seems so cool to me.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 9 years
I don't have kids yet but I won't blame anyone to hire a nanny. Most mothers I know love their children but it can be exhausting and not always smooth and easy when you have a job and other commitments.
Idalia Idalia 9 years
I have never been a fan of Brad or Angelina, never will be, but their kids are cute.
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