It would take forever (literally) to try and recount everything Miss Britney Spears shocked us with this year. From the moment the clock struck midnight on 2007, her life has been a nonstop array of usually bizarre, often heartbreaking, sometimes infuriating and occasionally disastrous events. But in the end, there's one night that will stand out, and some may say changed the course of her life. To be fair, we should have known 2007 was off to a bad start when she passed out hosting her NYE party in Vegas, was in and out of rehab, and out partying every night. Even so, we weren't prepared for the shock of February 16, when late Friday night Britney stopped off at a random Tarzana hair salon and took the clippers to her own head.

While it was no big secret that Britney was in the midst of a personal breakdown, this moment was completely unexpected. It's been the most referenced event in her life this year, by far, and that's competing with some seriously crazy things. From there, it was back in (and out and in again) of rehab, that still outgoing custody battle, her album, and about a zillion other rumors. Plus, now she's not the only Spears girl making big time headlines. Whether or not she ever actually lets us see her real hair again, here's to hoping that her life quiets down (in the best possible way) in 2008.

We're almost done looking through our list of the most shocking headlines of 2007, but this one is a doozy. Tomorrow we'll be looking back at all of them, and you can decide which one is the most shocking of all.