We've been counting down the most shocking headlines of 2007, and we'll be revealing one more each day through December 21. We hope you enjoy this look back at some of the posts and stories that we certainly weren't expecting to see.

After his infamous feud with Patrick Dempsey last October, we were unsure about what 2007 would hold for Isaiah Washington and Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy. The aftermath continued at the Golden Globes when Katherine Heigl jumped to her BFF T.R.'s defense when asked about the situation on the red carpet, while Isaiah denied that he even used a homophobic slur in the first place. However, T.R. Knight finally spoke up for himself for the first time on Ellen a few days later, reiterating that Isaiah had called him an offensive name. GLAAD then demanded another apology from Isaiah, who obliged and even went to a psychological treatment facility for a week. In the end, Isaiah's efforts and apologies were too little too late, and his contract with ABC was terminated in June. Even getting fired didn't stop him from putting his foot in his mouth though, saying that he was mad as hell, sad, and that T.R. should've been fired instead. Isaiah topped it all off with an interview on Larry King Live in July where he basically changed the whole story, but by that time everyone seemed over it. Isaiah moved on with a role on Bionic Woman and just last week we saw him picketing with his ex-castmates. Even if they keep it cordial, we have a feeling that things on the set of Grey's are much calmer and happier this season.