We've been counting down the most-shocking headlines of 2007, and we'll be revealing one more each day through Dec. 21. We hope you enjoy this look back at some of the posts and stories that we certainly weren't expecting to see.

Lindsay Lohan entered rehab three times (left twice) and had two DUIs under her belt by the time Autumn rolled around this year, but even considering the myriad of messes she got herself into in 2007, it was still that second arrest that shocked us the most. Backtracking a bit LL started out the year in the hospital getting her "appendix removed" (sure) before quickly heading off to Rehab No. 1 (Wonderland) where she craved McDonald's. Right after LL left, however, she was back to bad-girl ways including (one of her) rumored coke scandals. And then just like that she got her first DUI (where she fled the scene, leaving coke in her car) over Memorial Day weekend and promptly shipped herself to Rehab No. 2 (Promises). She stayed in rehab through her 21st birthday and then left, proudly flaunting her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring anklet. Only, she disobeyed it within weeks and even when we were still holding out hope that she wasn't drinking again, she was caught for yet another DUI, while chasing down her assistant who tried to quit, this time with coke in her pocket. Yikes. Then it was Rehab No. 3 (Cirque Lodge) in Utah, where Lindsay stayed for three months, reconciling with her dad and finding a short-lived boyfriend. Since then, she served a minute or so in jail and shopped a lot. She's quieted down a bit since that fateful July night, but knowing LL, she'll never let her life get boring. Hopefully at least 2008 is a little more healthy.