Paris Hilton kicked off what proved to be a pivotal year by pleading not guilty to her September DUI charge. Before she even got her sentence, her personal life was thrown into disarray a few weeks later when a little website called Paris Exposed hit the Internet, offering up access to lots of private videos, photos, notes and letters revealing all sorts of juicy tidbits about Paris' scandalous life as a party girl.

In late February Paris had more car troubles — this time she was pulled over for driving without the headlights on and for driving with a suspended license. In March the rumors started flying that Paris' problems with the law could land her in jail, and sure enough, in May she was sentenced to serve 45 days in prison. Her sentence was quickly cut down to 23 days, but we still never thought we would ever see the day where she would don an orange jumpsuit. However, the heiress quietly checked herself into a facility immediately after leaving the MTV Movie Awards, complete with a glamorous new mug shot.

We weren't surprised that Paris was released three days later due to a medical condition and given a new sentence of 40 days house arrest with an ankle monitor. Unfortunately for Paris, she barely had time to settle back into her house before she was carted back to jail with tears streaming down her face the very next day. After serving her 23 days, Paris strutted out on June 25 with a huge smile. A few days later she gave Larry King her first post-jail interview where she claimed that she never did drugs and was now a changed person who was going to be more responsible and charitable. Paris did spend some time giving back in the months following her jail time, but by December she was back to her standard partying ways. We will give her credit for her best decision of 2007 — she finally hired a driver.

We're still counting down the most-shocking headlines of 2007, and we'll keep revealing one more each day through Dec. 21. We hope you enjoy this look back at some of the posts and stories that we certainly weren't expecting to see.