Luke's brother may have a little competition at the box office this month. Owen's You Me and Dupree opens this weekend but Luke stars in My Super Ex-Girlfriend next weekend. I am not a huge Uma fan but I like the idea of a comedy superhero movie so it may be worth checking out. Uma is also in Parade Magazine this weekend. She talks about her past and present relationships. Apparently she is super single right now but didn't we just see pictures of her on the beach with Andre Balazs?

  • On reports about ex-husband Ethan Hawke’s infidelity:
    “If I see one more headline about it, I’ll gag. I’m just another American woman who was in an unfulfilled marriage that fell apart,” Thurman says. “And I’m remaking my life better than it was before. I’m telling myself that I’m entitled to step back into the world.”
  • Uma confirms things are over between her and on-again/off-again hotelier boyfriend Andre Balazs:
    “I’ve been in and out of a relationship with a wonderful man, and I’m out of it now, “ she says. “I’m just on my own.”
  • In her new movie, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, she plays a jilted woman who gets revenge by using secret superpowers:
    “I like that it’s a gender-bender flick where the woman has the edge," she says. “No one likes being rejected. It’s very smart and observant about human nature.”

Lots more pics of Uma and Luke so