Twenty years ago, in the wake of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal, it appeared as though American sweetheart Nancy came away unscathed with her head high, a silver medal, and the support of the public. In the two decades since the 1994 Winter Olympics, Tonya has given various interviews. A recent ESPN 30 For 30 documentary titled Price of Gold looked back at Tonya's abusive mother and husband and how her working-class upbringing made her an unsavory personality to the media and figure skating world. But we haven't heard much from Nancy, now a mother married to a sports agent. That changed on Sunday night, when NBC's documentary Nancy & Tonya aired, featuring rare interviews with both women.

Unlike ESPN's production, which focused on Tonya's background, we heard more about Nancy's from NBC. She came from a blue-collar family. Her dad worked multiple jobs to help pay for figure skating, and her mother was legally blind. In the documentary, Nancy also revealed details from the 1994 investigation, saying, "I can remember saying to the FBI, 'Well, maybe Tonya really didn't know; maybe they did [the attack] for her. And they said, 'Nancy, we can't prove it, but we think she was the mastermind of the whole thing.'"

A melancholic Nancy opened up about how Tonya took away her chance to be known for her skating talents and how she has talked to her kids about the attack. For her part, Tonya is clearly over it: "I have apologized so many times that it's not worth — I'm sorry, she is not worth my time anymore." Watch a clip above, and you can stream the whole thing on NBC.