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NBC Upfronts

The celebs were at Radio City Music Hall earlier today to promote their shows. There were old and new faces to NBC at the event including Patricia Arquette, Ming-Na Nguyen, Jessica Capshaw, Melania and Donald Trump, Seth Green, Jason Lee, Benjamin Bratt, Carson Daly and more. I have included a few pics here and the fabulous new programs but there are more pics and program descriptions listed after the jump:

NBC program details below are from their site

  • Fathom (Monday at 8pm)
    Ever wonder what life would be like if a new form of sea life began to appear in locales all over the Earth? Naval officers in the South Antarctic Sea, a family in San Diego, the Oceanographic Institute in Monterey, and fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico are about to find out. The organisms are beautiful, but are these innocent creatures more than what they seem? Embark on this unfathomable journey to discover what might be lurking just below the surface. Cast: Lake Bell, Jay Ferguson, Rade Sherbedgia, Carter Jenkins, Leighton Meester.
  • My Name is Earl (Tuesday at 8pm)
    Karma is a boomerang and it's about to hit Earl in the back of the head. Earl has taken one too many wrong turns on the highway of life. A bully/low-rent crook, Earl has an epiphany after winning a small fortune in the lottery. Determined to turn his good luck into a life-changing event, he sets out to right all his past wrongs. This comedy, like dim-witted Earl himself, has a voice and style all its own. Cast: Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly, Ethan Suplee, Nadine Velasquez, Eddie Steeples, Leo Fitzpatrick.
  • The Apprentice: Martha Stewart (Wednesdays at 8pm)
    Donald Trump shares the reigns of the wildly successful The Apprentice with America's favorite domestic diva — Martha Stewart. This new competition will showcase Martha's work and her multibillion-dollar empire, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Diverse candidates will be judged on their ability to incorporate Martha Stewart Living themes into their business practices, on tasks ranging from home renovation, entertaining and design, to merchandising and technology. Forced to think outside the box, candidates will vie to outshine one another and land a dream job with Martha Stewart Living.
  • E-Ring (Wednesdays at 9pm)
    Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (C.S.I. franchise), Oscar-nominated director/producer Taylor Hackford (Ray) and actors Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper join forces for storytelling inside the nation's ultimate fortress: the Pentagon. It's a hub of explosive conflicts between our military heroes and the civilians to whom they report, a world where crises can escalate into life-and-death climaxes for individuals and entire nations. It's often a delicate balance between protecting the homeland, all of mankind or the life of a lone soldier. Aunjanue Ellis and Sarah Clarke also star.
  • Inconceivable (Fridays at 10pm)
    This delightful ensemble drama concerns one of the most complicated questions: to conceive or not to conceive. The doctors of the Family Options Fertility Clinic are on a noble quest to help desperate couples give birth. Except these doctors are often distracted by their personal quests involving sex, deception and secrets. Navigating through ultrasounds and super-egos, missing frozen embryos and impending malpractice suits, it's positively clear that life inside this clinic is anything but sterile. Cast: Ming-Na, Jonathan Cake, David Norona, Kevin Alejandro, Joelle Carter, Mary Catherine Garrison.
  • Four Kings (a midseason replacement)
    From the creators of Will & Grace comes this comedic tale of four life-long friends on the cusp of adulthood: Barry, Bobby, Ben and Jason couldn't imagine life without one another. Since childhood, these bosom buddies haven't spent so much as a birthday apart. Now, adulthood begins drawing these Four Kings knee-deep into situations that aren't always so easy to escape. Cast: Josh Cooke, Shane McRae, Todd Grinnell, Seth Green, Kiele Sanchez.
  • Thick and Thin (a midseaon replacement)
    From Emmy Award-winning producer Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) comes this comedy about Mary, a formerly fat woman embarking on a new journey as a newly fit and single woman. Trouble is, Mary's (chubby) family and friends still see her as her old self - and keep trying to feed her. What Mary is just starting to realize is that getting thin was less about pleasing others and more about being comfortable in her own skin. Cast: Jessica Capshaw, Sharon Gless, Martin Mull, Mel Rodriguez, Amy Halloran, Chris Parnell.
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