NBC has decided not to air the segment in Madonna's November 22nd concert special that depicts her on a mirrored Crucifix. There is speculation that NBC is bending to the whim of religious groups who threatened to boycott the network if the segment aired. The network, however, refuses to say why they aren't airing the spot. Here's more:

NBC didn't explain its decision, with a spokeswoman saying the network doesn't discuss how its editorial decisions are made. NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly ducked out of an industry function in Los Angeles Thursday before reporters could reach him.

"NBC did the right thing, but the fact that it did not say why the offensive part of Madonna's concert was cut shows cowardice," said Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League.

It's been a tough week for NBC. Hundreds of lay offs and now disappointed Madonna fans. It seems to me that they should change their mascot from a peacock to a chicken. I can't wait to hear what Madonna has to say about this.