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NYC BrokeBack Mountain Premiere

Heath and Michelle were looking fabulous at the NYC premiere of Brokeback Mountain. I think she is getting better and better looking. Motherhood is treating her very very well. I just hope Heath gets rid of the facial hair in time for the Oscars.

So BM opens this weekend and I already told you how you must go see this movie. This movie is changes people's lives - so much so that they have added a special part to the official website where people are submitting their stories and thoughts on the film. Seriously, you have to read what people are writing so check it out for yourself - it's under Share Your Thoughts and then you view what people have shared - it's so touching.

TMZ is reporting that Jakey was not in attendance because he is filming Zodiac in the Bay Area. You know what that means? I may have to turn into a stalker and find out where filming is so I can get a peak at Jake's dreamy blue eyes in person. Lainey says Jake is a little upset that Heath is getting all the credit for the acting in this movie but he should be super happy with his work. He was fabulous as well!

Source: ONTD

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