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Natalie Portman Is Pregnant and Engaged

Natalie Portman Is Pregnant and Engaged!

Natalie Portman is closing out an amazing 2010 with a huge announcement! The actress revealed to People that she is engaged to boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied, and the two are expecting a baby! Natalie and Benjamin met on the set of Black Swan where he was the choreographer. He also recently posed for a Club Monaco ad campaign. Natalie has received tons of critical acclaim for her role in the movie and has already earned Golden Globe and SAG nominations. It sounds like her award season gown picks are going to have to accommodate a baby bump — huge congrats to the happy couple!

Update: Natalie released a statement to EW saying, "I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience."

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addictedreader addictedreader 6 years
I'm not the least bit surprised Natalie is accepting this obviously unexpected pregnancy with both style and grace. The baby will have an amazing mother & I can totally understand her not wanting to rush out and marry just because she's pregnant. You can still be a great mom if you don't get married & she not only has passed on aborting her child but also has committed to trying to make the relationship with the father without feeling forced to rush it over the baby. More power to a beautiful young lady. IF the relationship seems a little less than perfect to her, more power to her for donning the ring as a way to send people a keep out message (that seems impossible to ignore with that kind of ring). Let this be a reminder to teenagers out there that even someone as intelligent and famous as Natalie Portman can experience an unplanned pregnancy because no method of birth control is 100%. It's not unreasonable that she could have had a pill failure due to any weightloss preparing for her role in Black Swan. People don't realize but that kind of thing can reduce the effectiveness. As to Natalie, there's a lot out there that suggests the pill can cause us to date people who aren't really compatible by confusing our biology. Very good plan to hold off on marriage to be sure neither birth control nor pregnancy causes her to make a commitment she will regret. She is handling a very difficult situation with way too much publicity with style and grace. And I'm sure that whatever the outcome, Natalie will rise to the challenge. We know Brad succumbed to temptation while on set with Angelina & I truly think it was just a human weakness and acting is a different world. Unlike the majority who seem to hate Angie or Brad or Jen, I happen to respect all of them AND understand each of their pain. It's sad that a strong marriage ended but which of the people judging could resist Angie or Brad? And Brad has clearly tried to treat his former wife with respect despite his error (in cheating before ending his marriage or for not being able to resist). And I understand Jen's anger at Angelina for the hurt caused and Angelina's bouts of insecurity causing her to lash out-- after all she must sometimes fear that another woman might cause Brad to slip again or that Brad may still love Jen. But it's worth noting that for all the press, Brad & Angie have done a lot more than most people to make the world a better place and they clearly do sincerely love their children. And Jen has retained her dignity & in my opinion is an amazing and kind woman who is very beautiful and sincere. There's never anything easy about romantic conflicts and these are pre-scripted paths. It's real life and no one is perfect, it's what you do with your flaws and how you handle what life gives you. I think under the circumstances and with the added strain of heavy publicity, Natalie, like Angie, Brad and Jen, has done a better job handling what life has thrown at them than their harshest critics-- it would be interesting to throw those loud rude critics into the same public eye and see how long THEY would last. Peace to Nat, Brad, Angie, Jen and all the other celebrities that enrich our world with their acting, give us great performances, and endure the harsh stress & criticism they get in return. Forgive me but I could never do it, not for all the gold in Hollywood. Dorothy Parker, screenwriter in Hollywood in 1934 offered the following: Oh come, my love, and join with me The oldest infant industry. . Come seek the bourne of palm and pearl, The lovely land of Boy-Meets-Girl, Come grace this lotus-laden shore, This Isle of Do-What's-Done-Before. Come, curb the new, and watch the old win, Out where the streets are paved with Goldwyn.
Asia84 Asia84 6 years
I'm a BIG Natalie fan, but I will admit that I was turned off when I heard the news. I was like, "Natalie, I looked up to you. Beautiful. Educated. True to yourself. Immensely talented...then you get knocked up???" It's weird. When you're an actress, you spend a great deal of time making sure you take care of yourself. One thing is making sure your birth control is on point (no pun intended). So you take care of yourself all these years, then all of a sudden you're dating some guy (and let's just say the relationship is a good, solid one) and BOOM, you get pregnant??? You just let it slip??? Natalie always struck me as someone who was responsible...and traditional. If she was indeed the type who gets married, you would think she would wait to be married FIRST. Then pop some kids. If she was just pregnant and going with that because of some philosophical reason to NOT ever be married (Natalie can be super intellectual like that) then okay. I dunno. I'm happy for her because I like her. But...sigh. As for her career; it will be fine. But I do see what other posters were saying. This DOES alter her image. Her brand. Which effects casting. And I don't exactly see Natalie dragging her kid off on location somewhere so she can make a movie. See, a lot of women have great careers and can do both (having kids and whatnot). However, a lot of them put the kid first. Yeah, we all would put the kid first, but to some this means they put everything else, not on the back burner, but off the stove all together. While Natalie is a great actress and kills every role she's in, there aren't exactly a lot of roles for gals her age. Not "Natalie" roles.
juicebox07 juicebox07 6 years
Two words... shotgun wedding.
CourtneYtB873 CourtneYtB873 6 years
im sure she was as shocked as we all are!! lol
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
i think #23 is right on the money about Hollywood being fleeting, but....its Natalie Portman, she's a smart cookie. When she's ready to work again, she'll have no problem getting jobs. Especially after all the awards she'll be racking up for Black Swan. With that said, can we say "Shotgun Wedding"? From what I've heard about that guy, he's skeezy. Then again, I'd probably dump someone for Natalie Portman too.
emiad emiad 6 years
Some of you say that it's too early for her, she should put her carrier first, and she's having this baby young... Please, she's 29!!! This is not 19, she's gonna be 30 by the time her baby comes. This is certainly not "very" young. And personally I know a case when a woman was told by a doctor - try get pregnant now, or it will be almost impossible later. Women are waiting to reach their late thirties to have babies, and then a sad surprise comes. In vitro after in vitro and still nothing... So yes, the wise decision for her, even if it was "an accident" ;-) is to have a baby know, being in the perfect age.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
I just heard about LeAnn's engagement. Makes sense if its her though.
xoxoheart xoxoheart 6 years
Oh, and congrats to Natalie on her pregnancy and engagement. I can't say i'm terribly thrilled.
xoxoheart xoxoheart 6 years
Yeah Jessica I thought that was LeAnne Rimes too.
jesssa jesssa 6 years
@McFearless [#38] that would be LeAnn Rimes
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
1. Does no one believe in waiting until after marriage to have a baby? Call me old fashioned, but I think that's how it should work. I can understand accidents, but Natalie's almost 30 AND she's a Harvard alumna. She knows about contraceptives. 2. They've been dating for a year. I don't even think it's a good idea to have a baby after being married for a year, let alone dating for a year. Babies change everything. Personally I feel it's better to date a few years ON TOP OF being married for a few years before bringing something as life altering as a child into the mix.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Lol. So its Natalie? I read a blind item about an actress who bought her own ring and planned to become engaged over the holidays and make an announcement. I never thought she was the type to want attention
zeze zeze 6 years
I just hate hollywood shotgun weddings, lol, who are they trying to fool?
Emmy-2010 Emmy-2010 6 years
Wow, didn't see this coming!
Florida-Snow Florida-Snow 6 years
So happy for her!
aquariuspatsfan aquariuspatsfan 6 years
also, these days you can have a baby early on and have a career. Kyra Sedgwick had her children very young. Reese Witherspoon had her kid before her career even took off!
aquariuspatsfan aquariuspatsfan 6 years
She's going to accept her Oscar pregnant! As for people worrying about her career, um she already has a ton of movies coming out and she will win the Oscar for Black Swan. She can afford to take a year or two off. Big stars can take breaks between films. Overexposure is not good and she's going to exposed with all those movies she's been making anyway.
Raychell Raychell 6 years
The baby will be absolutely beautiful!
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