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tonyalee tonyalee 10 years
she looks so cute with the kids
popularsugar popularsugar 10 years
I was at a couple parties at Harvard when she was an undergrad, I wanted to go up to her and say hi, but noticed no one else went up to her, so I left her alone. It was cool seeing her kick back with her entourage and party like everyone else. She is so tiny!
demeter demeter 10 years
She looks pretty cute here, but I normally don't care for her.
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
I really liked her in Where the Heart is and V For Vendetta.
Pepper Pepper 10 years
She gets better with age.
krisua krisua 10 years
I can't wait the movie!
Princess-Ruby Princess-Ruby 10 years
pretty: check! classy: check! all-round wunderkind with semi-super powers for being so nice, wholesome and grounded? check! Celebrity most likely to give a helping hand to someone? possibly. liklihood of the girl to put me to sleep with one scene of a movie? zzzzzzzzzzzzz....
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
LOL at the kid too busy reading his book to pay attention to Natalie being right next to him.
roor roor 10 years
love the girl, love the dress. pinkflats, totally agree with you! she's a class act!
epicurean_Essy epicurean_Essy 10 years
she's starting to grow on me!
cari907 cari907 10 years
gaby224 gaby224 10 years
i love her!! she's so classy yet young and refreshing
twiggychic3 twiggychic3 10 years
awww she is so cute! i really liked her with short hair. and YESSS to that boy reading harry potter! hahaha. loves it
Scarlet Scarlet 10 years
She's too cute; I've always admired her for juggling Harvard, a strong film career, and a healthy lifestyle.
tati33 tati33 10 years
pink - yes NY - I love it...but I've become weak and can no longer stand the humidity :CRY: my bones :(
Kkkkkkkkkkk Kkkkkkkkkkk 10 years
Don't think she's a closet nerd rcgfg, I think she's out and proud :)
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
rcgfg rcgfg 10 years
Sorry my mom loves her she has gotta be a goody goddy nerd..Good actresss though but still closet nerd..
JLK JLK 10 years
I like Natalie alot. She is a great actress. She was good in Closer and Garden State.
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 10 years
She always looks so cute.
ladybugrenee ladybugrenee 10 years
yawn, arms stretched out!
msshellokitty msshellokitty 10 years
I love Natalie.She seems down to earth and stays away from being in the tabloids.
pinkflats pinkflats 10 years
tatti I think new york city just has such a cool, casual, no-fuss vibe going for it. While LA is one industry city (entertainment) NY has academic, theater, publishing and many more. Other actors who live in NY also have expressed their love for NY more than LA. And plus celebs can blend easily with the crowd than in LA.
tati33 tati33 10 years
I agree Pinkflats! And to that I will return to NY and now reside there !!
bradange bradange 10 years
I like how she dresses, but i don't like her as an actress that much. As for her being stuck up. I don't know. She graduated from Harvard and is a Hollywood star... she has good reasons to be and sometimes i also have the impression, but i don't know her personally so i can't really judge her. She looks good in those pictures. There was a paparazzi pic of her a few weeks ago leaving the gym or hotel in the UK w/o make up and she looked not good at all. But we all have bad days so...
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