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Nationwide is on K-Fed's Side

Nationwide is on K-Fed's Side

Kevin Federline's Super Bowl commercial is already creating more positive buzz than anything his wife has done in the past six months (other than breaking up with him, but we're still seeing how that one plays out), and here is your first taste of what it will sound like. Unfortunately, the man still can't rap. K-Fed also talked to Nationwide about why he chose to work with them (uh, other than the money):

1.) Why were you interested in working with Nationwide on their Super Bowl
commercial? What did you like about the concept?

The world knows the ups and downs of my life - I’m a perfect example of
how ‘Life Comes at You Fast,’ and like all of us, I’ve been faced
with many obstacles. Pairing up with Nationwide may be a big surprise, but
this ad is a perfect fit for me, since it shows why everyone needs to be
ready for what life throws at them.

2.) Your living proof that life does come at you fast! You had a very
busy year. If you had to sum up your 2006 in one sentence, what would you

When life comes at you fast, roll with the punches and move on.

Gotta give it to the guy, he has rolled with some pretty serious punches these past few years. Ugh, it feels dirty to like Kevin.

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3.) Music is a big part of your life. You recently released an album and
you show off your musical skills in Nationwide's Super Bowl commercial.
Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

I have influences in all genres of music, from pop to rock to hip-hop and
rap. My biggest influences include 2-Pac, Too Short, Snoop, etc. Music has
always been an important part of my life.

4.) It's the start of a new year. What should we look for from Kevin
Federline in 2007?

This Nationwide commercial is the first chance for the world to see the
new Kevin Federline, who gets the importance of making good decisions and
being better prepared for the future. I’m determined for the world to
see a new and improved Kevin in 2007, so be on the lookout for upcoming
big announcements in TV, film, fashion and music this year.

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