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New Couple Jared Leto and Isabel Lucas — Love It or Leave It?

Jared Leto and Isabel Lucas as a New Couple — Love It or Leave It?

Last Summer Isabel Lucas enjoyed relationships of sorts with both Adrian Grenier and Shia LaBeouf, but now it looks like Jared Leto is her Hollywood man of choice. The possibly romantic duo had big smiles on their faces on Sunday when they paid a visit to an LA grocery store to pick up flowers and a few Easter baskets. Jared has dated everyone from Scarlett to Lindsay so it's hard to pin him down, but if this is more than a friendship, what do you think about Jared and Isabel together — love it or leave it?

Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.

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sweetness4u sweetness4u 8 years
i wanted to say also, that i would love to kiss him then caress and squeez his ass. lol if only i can. i think his one of a kind guy, and his my kinda guy.
sweetness4u sweetness4u 8 years
i think jared is hot and dreamy and the girl is a lucky gal if shes more then a friend, if it was me next to him i would be a very happy chick. bcuz i have a huge crush on him. well, i can always
Stardustlove Stardustlove 8 years
I don't care about them.
PensaGrey PensaGrey 8 years
I don't care who she dates...I wouldn't go near him with a ten-foot pole. Is the bleached hair for a role? Wait, he wore the eyeliner right? Oh hell no!!
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
I don't really know anything about them, so whatever. All I know that he looks like Kurt Cobain here! *rubs eyes*
sourcherry sourcherry 8 years
He tries way too hard. Though I have to admit the Kurt look is actually working for him... Well, they make an atractive couple.
redchick152 redchick152 8 years
i miss my so called life.
emmyha emmyha 8 years
Puleez...Shia is so much hotter...what's she doing with this tool?
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
all my life, honestly you aint no kurt cobain ,leto!!!!
shianme shianme 8 years
who cares, as long as she leaves SHIA alone. love you, Shia.............
jenis1 jenis1 8 years
Jared is so hot but he can't settle down and be commited!
rossy rossy 8 years
Isn't there a bio-type movie being shot re: Nirvana & Curt Cobain? Maybe that's why he looks similar?
c4rolin3 c4rolin3 8 years
I love Jared. She was so so in Home and Away- shows what a good publicist and fickle Hollywood can provide for an Aussie moving to USA. Wonder if I moved and hired someone to 'pimp me out' if I could bag Jared Leto :) Maybe he could have me ;) ... if he tried really hard!x
Sophie827 Sophie827 8 years
He always seems to date only young gorgeous girls just before their careers take off. He's been with everyone from Cameron, to Scarlett and Lindsay Lohan. I don't even know what he does apart from hook up with pretty girls.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Kurt Cobain, is that you? I have to admit though that Jared Leto looks hot. No idea who Isabel Lucas is, except that she used to date Adrian Grenier and that she was with Shia when his car got totaled.
qtpie qtpie 8 years
She used to be on Home & Away, this Aussie soap. But she's a nobody in the States, haven't seen her doing anything since moving to the US.
Halli Halli 8 years
What's with the Curt Cobain look?
LyssiMarie89 LyssiMarie89 8 years
I like Jared Leto, but I don't really know anything about her.
superfoxml superfoxml 8 years
where did my sexy Jordan Catalano go.
AdriNicTrax AdriNicTrax 8 years
He totally is trying to look like Kurt Cobain.
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 8 years
He can leave that hair.
caryatid caryatid 8 years
i'm shocked that i am attracted to jared leto right now.... maybe cause he looks like a weird foo fighter? nirvana would fit the bill too.
LoveSarah LoveSarah 8 years
I've always loved Jared, even though his hair is silly he's still a hotty. So whatever makes him happy. :)
rgrl rgrl 8 years
I didn't realize Kurt Cobain was still alive...
Louie Louie 8 years
She's an ex-soap actress but now I think she would consider herself to be too "serious" an actor to tell people. I think she's a bit of a tosser, personally. And Jared Leto is a weirdo.
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