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Nick Doesn't Understand What it means to be a Celebrity

Nick Doesn't Understand What it means to be a Celebrity

When Nick was recently in Australia to promote his album, the topic of Jessica came up in the interview. He said he did not understand the worlds fascination with them especially since they have been broken up for 9 months now. Did he forget this is how the world came to know the two of them? People reports:

It is bizarre," Lachey, 32, tells Australia's Sydney Morning Herald while Down Under promoting his album What's Left Of Me. "We get so used to it in the States, but, yeah, to think that it's become like that in a lot of other places in the world, yeah, it is strange. People kind of think they know you before they have a chance to talk to you. It is a surreal thing, but I guess it's kind of what we signed up for."

He admits that MTV's Newlyweds helped spark the fascination with him and Simpson, but says, "No one really understands this side of it, but she and I decided to use the show as a promotional vehicle for our albums, you know with MTV, who we'd worked with for years. It was supposed to be six episodes to promote our records, then it turned into this whole other thing."

Yeah that "whole thing" was what made you famous and also ruined your marriage. Let's hope things with Vanessa don't lead to a MTV reality TV show although we would totally watch it if it did. I mean, look how exciting it is to see them food shopping. I also love how now everyone thinks she looks like a combo of Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie.


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