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Nick's Fans Speak Out

Nick's Fans Speak Out

According to a People Magazine poll, when choosing sides between Nick & Jess, 80% of us are on Nick's side. Wow, that's a huge difference. In the meantime, Pimp Daddy Simpson was interviewed by People and he is claiming Jessica's new movie, Employee of the Month could be the next Wedding Crashers. He said:

"We could have another Wedding Crashers on our hands. It’s gonna be a big, big movie. Jessica’s having the time of her life. She loves making movies."

Exactly what does he mean by that statement. Is this movie going to be an R rated goofy, crude comedy? Is he pimping out his daughter so much that her breasts will be exposed? He can sound like such a dirty man. He also talks about their divorce and moving on as well as his latest client. No mention of Ashlee. Poor Ashlee.

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