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Nick and Jessica - End It Already

Nick and Jessica want to be divorced quietly and quickly. The couple want it official ASAP. In fact, they plan to work out the financial fighting after the divorce papers are all signed on the dotted lines. People reports:

The documents, signed by both Lachey and Simpson, request that retired Superior Court Judge Dana Senit Henry be appointed "for the sole purpose of" ending the couple's marriage.

The former Newlyweds are asking the judge to "bifurcate" the case, meaning to make the divorce official without settling all the financial details of the split. The decision should come within a month's time.

I'm guessing Jessica doesn't want to give up any of her money. Hopefully she will share a little since we only fell in love with the happy housewife thanks to a little show that ruined their marriage. I'm still in mourning as to how she turned out. As for the picture I decided to post just Nick since he looks great in this photo. He was working on the set of his latest video for "I Can't Hate You Anymore." Hmm, I wonder who he is referring to?

romes romes 9 years
About the umbrella, it was Nick's video shoot and it was raining. That's why someone was holding an umbrella. Nick has said that he hates when stagehands are told to hold umbrellas for him . He's not that kind of guy. He's very down to earth and low key. If you had watched Newlyweds you would know.
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 11 years
HELLO NICK! Lookin good baby.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 11 years
I like Nick. He always seemed like a really sweet guy when he was on Newlyweds.
cali4nagirl cali4nagirl 11 years
You go girl!!! :)
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
No, im being adamant. he has two hands. let his assistant fix his cuffs whie he holds his own umbrella!!! you have to realise all iv ever heared about him via the Aussie media is bad. he was the bad one on newlyweds and hes been portrayed as the bad one in the divorce.
cali4nagirl cali4nagirl 11 years
Maybe they make someone hold an umbrella just in case....just in case a bird flies over and decides to leave a dropping...just in case it did start to rain and he would get all wet, if he's taping a video or something and those things happen, it could cost a lot of money to sit and wait for him to be all done up again. Maybe that's the guys job, holding umbrellas? :)
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
ok in light of that i revise my commnet - Nick LOOKS smug. But i stand by the umbrella thing. to me it just says 'I am more important than the peon holding the umbrella.' and this goes for every celeb who does it, unless they are on the red carpet, wearing a gown with a train that needs to be carried, or the Queen.
Romai Romai 11 years
LOL t0xxic. I'm a journalist, I meet lots of cool people. No dirt to spill on this one though, and I'm actually glad about that. Nick has never come off to me as anything but super sweet, and I hope it stays that way. And yes lacoste, I'll make sure to tell Nick to look you up should I ever have the pleasure of meeting him again, lol.
lacoste1 lacoste1 11 years
Yes, I'm aware that the last sentence didn't make any sense. I like it that way.
lacoste1 lacoste1 11 years
Rom, next time you see Nick will you please send him my way? I'd treat him SO much better than Jessica ever would and I'm not famous, so there's a perk. Plus, not to sound vain, but I'm hot.
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
Romai Ive met him to! I totally forgot! Back when him and jess broke up they came to my town (98 degrees) and he was just the sweetest guy. U can always tell alot by a persons auroa and he was the sweetest u could tell he loved her even then bc she was mentioned and he had the sadest look on his face. Its so sad when u think about how they were together and she broke up with him he gave her another chance only for her to break his heart again. From the way u talk tho u seem like uve met him more then once so spill the dirt lols
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 11 years
I dunno, I find Jessica endearing...and hot as hell.....but there's something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Nick's ok, but I just think I like Jess more.....Just Keep Livin'!
mle983 mle983 11 years
like him. can't stand her. i'm done.
Romai Romai 11 years
LOL well I get a little over zealous at times. Can you tell? I haven't really been around here very long, so I have no idea what the general opinion is. I just know that on other sites, all I ever read are comments about how Nick's such a [insert insult of choice] and then you ask these people if they've met him and you're bombarded with no, but he just seems like it! It drives me nuts when I see people criticizing people they've never met like they know them or something. Especially when it's not really even based on anything, they just hate a person because. I happen to know Nick is a nice guy, so it kinda irks me. Whoever said he was smug, he's not really like that in person. At least, I've never seen that side of him. And besides, lot of people have their own umbrella holders. Do they need them? No, but it's not like he's the only person with one.
Luna13 Luna13 11 years
Nicks a good guy, but i dont think he will ever be huge, he just doesnt have the X factor! I like Jess, its not her fault she is an outcome of her fathers exploitation.
PrincessPixie PrincessPixie 11 years
Nick annoys me, hes so smug. Iv never heared any of his songs - i dont think Aussie radio bothers with them, and in any case i dont listen to commercial radio because i cant get reception in the country. HOLD YOUR OWN UMBRELLA - who is holding the umbrella of the unimportant person holding yours? id like him if he and P.Diddypants Puffy Sean Combspants McPuffhead or whatever his name is and Nick had a race in which the rules were your umbrella holder has to keep your umbrella over your head 90% of the time. uless your have a train on your gown, hold your own brolly.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 11 years
Yay for Nick's freedom.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
JennaV, I'm just so glad we can agree to disagree...and not get CATTY! LOL I'm dealing with major cattiness at Popsugar is definitely my stress release right now...;-)
Splenda Splenda 11 years
I wonder how much of Daddy's girl- Simpson's pimple commercial money he'll pocket. Stay tuned...
JennaV JennaV 11 years
FB....I love ya girl! You never waiver from your stance!! Nick can do no wrong in my eyes though and I will always think it was Jessica's cheating arse that broke up the marriage.
FB1977 FB1977 11 years
I like Nick, but I think he's a bit overrated. I don't care for Jessica, but I don't hate her. I hardly ever see anyone come down hard on Nick, it's always Jessica. Either way, I just want their divorce to be final already...and then we can move on to the next couple who needs to start the divorce proceedings (Brit & K Fed).
punkpie punkpie 11 years
Jessica... I just don't understand. It's like she sold her soul to the devil or something. It's too bad. That's what happens when success and money go to your head.
JennaV JennaV 11 years
LOL Romai!!! Actually here on PopSugar, alot of us like him a bunch (not everyone, but alot of us).
cari907 cari907 11 years
aww y y y i liked them
Romai Romai 11 years
Remarries or is considered so by common law, which rules out cohabitating with anybody too. I hope he takes her to the cleaners too, she wouldn't have what she does without that show they did together. I used to like Jessica and now she's just blah. Nick is actually a very nice guy, I don't know why people come down on him so much.
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