We spent the summer calling BS on the relationship between Nicole and Brody, but then they kinda convinced us they might actually be a real couple - why else would they spend that much time together? Now after 2 months of "hanging out" the two have broken up. Apparently it was Nicole who initiated the break-up because she just wants to be single for now. US Weekly reports:

Richie's rep Nicole Perna confirms the break-up exclusively to Us, saying: "Nicole and Brody are no longer dating but remain close friends." A source says that Richie initiated the breakup today at Jenner's home in Malibu and that both Jenner, 23, and Richie, 25, agreed it was best to part ways.

"Nicole just wants to be single right now," says the source. "She felt it was a mistake to jump into a relationship so soon after her breakup with AM." Richie and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein split in May of this year after a nine-month engagement.

After US reported the break-up news, Nicole once again used her myspace to clear the air on the rumors. This time it had nothing to do with eating disorders or rehab. She wanted us to know that she and Brody were never even really together. She said, "I know there are rumors regarding my "breakup" with Brody Jenner. The truth is, we were never really together. We hung out, and he's a nice guy, but my heart was never in it. Anything further is just a cry for publicity." Damn. Did something else go down? Is Brody going to get back with Kristen like we originally predicted? More pics of Nicole going solo at the 2nd annual Pink Party so