All of the attention focused on Nicole's weight is really starting to get to the poor skinny girl. Nicole told Tyra during a taping of her talk show that she just doesn't get it. She doesn't understand why people think it's okay to point and laugh at her for being too skinny, because they would never do the same to a person who is overweight. Here's more from the show:

"It's horrible, especially when you're trying to do something about it [her weight] and you have just so many eyes watching you and people talking about you," says the extremely thin "Simple Life"-er.

With so much attention put on her fluctuating pounds, the paparazzi are inevitably going to be snapping pics, regardless of where she is. While she may not mind the shutterbugs all the time, it's a whole different story when it comes to the beach or restaurants.

"It's summer, everyplace to go eat you obviously eat outside ... I'm not eating for the cameras, I live in LA, I do what I normally do," says Richie, adding "What really bothers me is when I go to the beach because when I go to the beach, they want me in the swimsuit."

Poor girl doesn't understand why we are worried. We only talk so much about her weight loss since it's scary, and we hope she gets more help. To see a clip from the show, click here. You can catch the full interview next Tuesday on Tyra. No word if Nicole will discuss her relationship with Brody, but to see more pics of the two looking fabulous all dressed up for dinner just

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