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Nicole is not into Emotional Cheating

Nicole Kidman has been quite a busy lady lately. She's a newlywed, acting as Kosovo's Goodwill Ambassador, and promoting her new film, Fur - it's amazing she has time to think about anything else. But she does, and evidently she has something to say about marriage and infidelity. Apparently she thinks that emotional cheating is worse than the physical kind. People reports:

"I don't think that sexual faithfulness is the most important one," she said. "It is the easiest type to define, but mental unfaithfulness is far more subtle and dangerous. How far can you go in this type without being 'really' unfaithful? It's a difficult issue for which I don't have answers, only questions."

Nicole gets to kiss Jude Law and other hot co-stars so no wonder she thinks emotional cheating is worse.

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