Nicole attended the premiere of God Grew Tired of Us last night in LA with producer Brad and Angelina. Nic narrates the film which is about four boys from Sudan who embark on a journey to America. While she continues to look super-skinny at the premiere, the pregnancy rumors continue. People really are wanting her to have a baby despite a real lack of evidence. Here's more:

Nicole Kidman has added fuel to the rumours she is pregnant with husband Keith Urban's child by splashing out more than £350 on baby gear.

The actress told her assistant to call boutique Petit Tresor in Los Angeles and order a selection of goodies for a newborn baby.

"The items were purchased using Nicole Kidman's credit card," a source at the shop said.

This just isn't enough for us. She could be buying that stuff for anyone, like her sister Antonia who just happens to have a baby on the way! Well, at least Nicole knows exactly where to shop when she does get pregnant! Too bad for the celebs Petit Tresor seems to tell anyone and everyone when they are shopping at their store. For more pics just