Poor Lionel Richie. He's upset that despite all of his career accomplishments he's basically known as Nicole's dad these days. Lionel appeared on The Tonight Show and spoke more about the public's fascination with Nicole. Oh yeah, he was also performing his new single which features Nicole in the video. Here's more:

Richie came over to be interviewed and before he could even sit down Leno said, "So, your daughter Nicole is in the video?" Richie laughed and said, "I am Nicole Richie's father. Forget my entire career, forget the songwriting, forget THE COMMODORES. "I'm travelling all over the world now - blood curdling screams at an airport, little girls run over, 'Are you Nicole Richie's daddy?' "It's out of control. I'm very happy, I must tell you my buttons are popping off, but having Nicole in this video was a bit difficult. "I ordered two trailers and she insisted on having a larger trailer for her 100 guests. I kept telling her it was a video, not a movie!" Richie insists that he is thrilled with his daughter's success adding, "No, it was wonderful, I'm really proud."

So, Lionel isn't too happy that Nicole is getting all of the attention, and it looks like Nicole doesn't want the attention either. I wonder why she is hiding - it's so not like her. More pics of Nicole hiding from the cameras so