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Nicole's Just Like Us

Nicole's Just Like Us

Turns out the ex-wife found out about Tomatie's pregnancy like most of us, from a TV show. The Scoop reports:

“Nic learned about Tom and Katie’s baby the same way as everyone else — from the TV,� a friend of Kidman’s told Britain’s Grazia magazine. “She went shopping immediately after hearing the news to try and take her mind off it, but that just made things worse. She says people pointed at her, and everyone was whispering as soon as she turned her back. She’s taking it very hard.�

I thought they talked all the time because of their kids. Do you think Nicole knows that Katie is at every single soccer game Isabella plays in? I'd be pissed if I was her too. First her marriage ended out of nowhere (or their contract was up) and now Tom is having a child with Katie. She had to settle for the adopted kids. Poor Nic.

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