Oh what a night. Looks like there really are only a few limited places to hang out in Hollywood. Nicole apparently went out with her girlfriends this weekend and she ran into Brody and LC, and her ex-fiance DJ AM in the same room. And it sounds like LC was rubbing the whole thing in Nicole's face. Here's more:

Nicole arrived around 10:30 p.m. with several girlfriends and was handling the situation well…until LC’s “in-your-face friendliness” became too much, an eyewitness tells LifeandStylemag.com. Nicole broke down in tears and, says the eyewitness, sobbed to a friend, “LC just keeps saying hi to me over and over again. I can’t stand it! It's like she’s rubbing it in my face. Just leave me alone!”

Nicole eventually found solace in DJ AM, who was spinning at the party. “Nic went up to his booth and got a big hug,” says the eyewitness. “They whispered to each other, and DJ AM was able to turn her night around. By the time she stepped away from his DJ booth back into the crowded club, she was all smiles again.”

While Brody may not have intentionally been trying to stir up tension with Nic, he couldn’t keep his affection for LC on the DL as he cuddled and kissed her for all to see.

So it sounds like DJ AM really saved the day and was there for Nicole. But they won't be getting back together anytime soon... AM has moved on with Michelle Trachtenberg. Hollywood is so just like high school. To see more pics of Nicole out with her girlfriends, just