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Nicole Richie at Britney Spears's Piece of Me Show | Video

Nicole Richie Gets Dragged on Stage and Treated Like a Dog at Britney's Vegas Show

Nicole Richie had a fangirl moment when she was pulled onstage during Britney Spears's A Piece of Me show in Las Vegas on Tuesday night during a special S&M-themed performance. One fan captured the moment, albeit with the poor quality of a camera phone, which showed Nicole getting pushed on all fours by leather-clad hunks and being forced to walk like a dog while Britney held the leash. (Don't worry, it's much funnier than it sounds.) Nicole also shared the moment on Instagram, posting photos of her time on stage with Britney and writing, simply, "Good bye."

Source: Instagram user nicolerichie

Source: Instagram user nicolerichie

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Anna15433231 Anna15433231 3 years
Here's the thing no one knows or gets. kandi allows everyone else to give their opinions to her mother Joyce but kandi herself will not say a word. now this is what no one knows, see her mom strong holds her, another words Joyce has been know to beat on kandi not only that but there is something legal between them where Joyce has control over kandi's money , estate & business. this is why kandi will not say one word to Joyce ,for kandi will then be thrown out ,homeless, penniless and mama Joyce will have complete custody of Riley . See no one knows this but a few but word is getting and I hope for kandis sake this is for her good where she benefits and things can change with a good lawyer ..Doesn't anybody figure this stuff out . Why do you think kandi & Todd don't just get married. Kandi has had a black eye from her mom and some bruises on hers and legs. It is said Joyce takes to picking up what's around and just outright hitting kandi with it.Remember how she was fisting it up to Carmen while trying wedding dresses & the phone message left where she's going to beat up Carmen.this is going to heavy when it comes to the surface . Watch it's going to come keep an eye open and your ears you'll see !! !!
Gabriel3103911 Gabriel3103911 3 years
how cute!!!!
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