Nicole Richie doesn't seem to be too worried about the fact that she can't put on weight. Only three days after she went into rehab at Beau Monde for an eating disorder (she says doesn't exist), she reportedly cut her treatment short to go shopping. Here's more:

The staffers at Beau Monde begged her to stay, reports [Star Magazine], which quotes a source as saying, “Nicole is in complete denial and oblivious to how sick she really is.”

Not long after she checked out of the center, Richie was spotted partying with Lindsay Lohan according to both the Star and another report in In Touch Weekly.

Soon after that she reportedly passed out and had to be carried out of Hyde. But of course, her rep is denying that too. We were so relieved to hear that she was getting help for her eating disorder even if she wasn't ready to call it that yet. I wonder what it will take to get through to her.