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SweetLikeKiwi SweetLikeKiwi 9 years
every time i see Nicole i just fall for her even more. i love her style, she seems like such a fun person to be with and she's preggers which makes her even more loveable :D
almostloli almostloli 9 years
i think she'll hide her baby
ThatsBloo2You ThatsBloo2You 9 years
I'm sick of seeing her... Post something interesting.. not just some chick shopping or going out to eat.
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 9 years
I love this couple I think they're adorable... I also think that they'd be a good time to hang out with... I mean Nicole on her own is absolutely hilarious... I think they'd be a good time to party with for sure (before or after pregnancy of course :p)
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
I think she'll show her baby off.
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
they look good together. i'm sure nicole will be bringing her newborn around town, everywhere!
sibalc sibalc 9 years
she is becoming a better person because of the baby. that's why she said she needed a reason to turn her life around. having a baby is a really big responsibility, I am glad this 'reason' is influencing her to straighten out her life.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 9 years
i agree with # 24&25 NEXT :zzz:
sarah100682 sarah100682 9 years
Yea i think when the baby is born she just needs to give up a picture...if she wants privacy at least give the paps what they want...the longer she hides out the more she will be pursued...and you know the more the child is out and photographed, the less of a story it will be...once the babies get there first exposure and it dies down its not to horrible... the dress is cute, but whats with the other outfit???? eww!
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 9 years
I agree notorious! :WOOHOO:
o0o0HOTSTUFF0o0o o0o0HOTSTUFF0o0o 9 years
I like her sunglasses, they are cute. I think she will go in to hiding after the baby is born, like she did before she announced she is pregnant. She looks really cute in that dress.
redhot redhot 9 years
VaneM77 VaneM77 9 years
I've always liked Nicole....she seems cool and fun! Plus, I do think that this baby has changed her for the better! She looks adorable in these pics minus those glasses of course :rotfl:
kapchis kapchis 9 years
Puh-lease, that girl wouldn't feel loved without the paps!!
marley11 marley11 9 years
i love that she has breasts and is healthy and is trying to be a great mom!
notoriousrem_22 notoriousrem_22 9 years
I am SO SICK of seeing HER, she is so gross and skanky. WHY WHY WHY do people continually glorify this CRACKTRASH???
lucyS lucyS 9 years
I'm sick of seeing pictures of Nicole doing nothing. Oh wow, she's out shopping with her bump, she's having lunch with baby-daddy Madden, she's wearing awful bug-eyed sunglasses. Make it stop already.
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
she probably is just waiting for might be ordering things online. she may not know the sex of the baby. i wouldnt shop for my baby til like month 7.
bealotus bealotus 9 years
Probably she hasn't shop yet because she doesn't know if it's boy or girl. I think she looks very cute in this pics.
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
Nicole may just be waiting to buy everything. Not everyone is gaga over the fact of a baby coming. My aunt for example didn't buy anything until after her child was born and she knew the sex and everything. She just didn't want to because she knew she couldn't use it and it would just lay around. That and she wanted to wait and see what everyone else gave her for the baby shower and what they brought to the hospital when the baby was born, yada, yada.
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I think she may go into hiding for a little bit after giving birth only because of her actions when she first found out she was pregnant. She hid it and was very protective of it. She may do what Gwyneth Paltrow did and try to keep them hidden and not let cameras near, but give one picture and let it be. Gywn doesn't try to hid her kids anymore, but she doesn't put them out there like B. Spears either. She goes about her daily duties.
RosaDilia RosaDilia 9 years
Isn't it weird that she is never caught shopping for baby clothes. Every other pregger celeb is except her.
hansman17 hansman17 9 years
Okay I know those sunglasses are 'designer' and all, but they are soo ugly!!
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
I think she's very cute, and will be a wonderful mother.
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