While I'm still sort of reeling from Nicole's confirmation yesterday that she is really truly expecting a child, she's also ready to talk about her impending (and brief) jail sentence after being caught last December driving under the influence the wrong way down the highway. Here are some highlights from her interview in this week's OK! Magazine:

  • On the past year: "I don't consider it one of the worst. I think this was a blessing in disguise. This year has been full of lessons learned and soul-searching. … I will be really happy once I have done my jail time. I can start fresh."
  • On her sentence: "It was a fair, standard sentence. I expected that."
  • On her sentence being so much shorter than Paris': "We weren't charged with the same thing. We had different judges. This isn't a popularity contest, and it's not up to people to compare my case with Paris'."
  • On feeling remorse:"I was watching CNN about a month ago, and they happened to be talking about young people driving under the influence. They were flashing little kids (on the screen) who were killed by drunk drivers, and it broke my heart. It was a big wake-up call."

Well, I'll consider this to be my first attempt at seeing Nicole as a changed woman (and to-be-mom). I have to imagine and hope this pregnancy has been a wake-up call for Nicole, too.