We always fall in love with the coming of age high school dramas that never know where to go after a few years since the group has to graduate. Unfortunately, this year The OC was losing steam and even had to pull a few ratings stunts to maintain our interest. Looks like FOX doesn't have much faith in the future of the show either. E Online reports:

Fox is retooling its strategy as it heads into the Thursday-night fray this fall.

Instead of sending its 9 p.m. staple, The O.C., into battle against CSI and Grey's Anatomy every week, the network announced Wednesday that it has ordered up a mere 16 episodes of the rich-kid drama for 2006-07.

If the network airs all 16 new episodes in a row, it will be out of O.C. by February, giving Fox the opportunity to take a midseason replacement for a test drive, Variety reported Wednesday.

We hope the network gives them a chance to take the show in another direction. Weekly Adam Brody banter would be missed if The OC was canceled.