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The OC Better Get Smarter

Luckily Chrismakkah is coming up because last weeks episode was a let down after waiting an entire month. Let's hope this week is not an hour long Sidekick marketing tie-in episode. It was kind of cute at first with Summer and the SK, but then it got annoying.

Bottom line from last weeks episode - Ryan is back at school with Summer and Seth. The kids and Sandy tricked the mean Dean and Taylor into admitting their relationship and now Ryan is re-enrolled with the gang. Well actually Marissa is still at public school but Ryan makes nice with the bizarro group of Seth, Summer, and himself. Sorry but I have barely registered their names since I don't really see a need for the new group.

Something sketchy is going on with Julie Cooper and the gift of an apartment from Charlotte. Kristen is cooking. Things are a little backwards these days in The O.C.

And btw, I went to a school where teacher were totally hooking up with kids and they could have made that storyline so much hotter then a stupid kiss at the dance. Remember Life As We Know It - that show had a super hot student/teacher storyline and I really wanted the Dean and Taylor to get super busted - not lame Sidekicked by Sandy.

Crossing my fingers for tonight's episode to be smarter. For a full recap of the show, check out TV Gasm

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