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The OC Controversy

For some reason there is some big controversy over last weeks episode where Mischa Barton has a nip slip. To bad no one really noticed until the news came out this week. Now the FCC is all over FOX. Wasn't anyone more concerned about the fact the Summer and Marissa are sharing a bed even though Summer lives in a mansion? Where is the guest room. I don't get that. TV Gasm has the video link here but be patient- apparently everyone is trying to take a look and their site is have trouble with the traffic.

I just watched it again on my TiVo and yes nipple does pop out, but don't get too excited. It is so dark in the room and she catches it really quickly to put it back in her slinky nightgown. What is more surprising is that the producers did not care to re-shoot the scene or use another one. See - here are more pis - it's too dark to make a big deal out of it.

Any-who, the episode last week was all about Mischa and her new man. She is innocently flirting

but everyone else thinks it is something more. This of course leads to cheating

and fighting which is what we love about The OC.

Poor Seth gets stuck in a lock in with Taylor who will continue to be Summer's nemesis this season. Looks like TT is moving in on her man. Summer will so kick her ass. But it turns out TT is just one of those girls looking for some attention and a few friends. She's is just going about it all wrong.

Tonight is all new and so is Reunion. They are touting it as the wildest episode ever so let's hope so!!! We love Must See FOX (even if we are still angry they canceled AD and Kitchen Conf).

Source: TV Gasm and OC Fans

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