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The OC Tonight

I'm so psyched to watch tonight because we find out that Summer is like, some genius. We will continue to watch the gang prepare for college and whether they will stay on the east or west coast.

Last weeks episode shocked me in so many ways. There was the obvious of Julie headed back to the trailer park. I'm sure she won't last long there or she will start sleeping with the Sawyer from Lost/Kid Rock look alike.

Then Taylor was actually sort of likable, sweet and dare I say cutesy.

And finally - who the hell expected this to happen. Damn. I was totally taken back when Johnny got smacked by the car.

As always, TV Gasm has the fabulously long yet comprehensive review.

As for the Reunion fans, sorry kids, but we are getting ready to watch one of the the last episodes tonight. FOX has decided to cancel the show and won't even finish the rest of the season since it will take too much money to produce. The mystery is so complex that they can't wrap it up in one show for us. Hopefully they will post an ending for us online somewhere so we are not totally left hanging.

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