OMG — Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Holding Hands!

Spotted, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart holding hands as they left Paris today! Amid all the speculation of are-they or aren't they this certainly seems to seal the deal — the two look oh so happy. We saw Rob's big smile as he left his hotel after their adorable press conference with Taylor this morning. Amid all the magazine mania especially the romantic Harper's shoot, this is the best. A short while later, they landed in London for the next leg of their promotional tour. We've posted hundreds of photos of the New Moon stars all over the world, but this might just be the sweetest set of all — so what do you think — do you think this is proof that Robert and Kristen are more than friends?

More photos of Rob and Kristen holding hands so


Image Sources: Bauer-Griffin Online and X17 Online
NO WAY! This is all for the cameras. He more or less says so right here:
are they together??? still hoping ... this is true.. love it...
i love both of them so much so if they are happy so am i!!!!!!i can't wait for new moon's release,it is sooooo close...
i think that their ddating an they dont want people to know but it dose look like their moore then friend that what think omg
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