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Oh No He Didn't

Oh No He Didn't

Hollywood's (who knows why) ladies man, Wilmer Valderrama, went on Howard Stern to promote his new MTV show, Yo Momma, and apparently told all about his famous exes like Mandy Moore, LL and Ashlee Simpson. Unfortunately I have not heard Howard's show since he went over to Sirius, but he has a little summary on his website about the interview which included tidbits like he did not dump Lindsay Lohan for Ashlee Simpson but he did take away Mandy Moore's virginity. How dare he - and this is just the beginning?

Seriously, he got really descriptive so if you want to read more about how he rates the women he has been with on a scale of one to ten or what sex with Mandy was like then read more

From Howard Sterns site:

Wilmer mentioned that he dated Lindsay Lohan for more than a year and that the rumor that he dumped her for Ashlee Simpson wasn’t true. After commenting that he also dated Mandy Moore, Howard pointed out that he thought celebrities might be prejudiced against Wilmer because of his accent. However, Wilmer responded that the movie “Desperado� made Spanish accents and wearing tight jeans cool for a time, which he said helped him with some of his girlfriends. Wilmer added, though, that “getting a sitcom� didn’t hurt him either.

When Wilmer claimed that he took Mandy’s virginity, Howard wondered if sex with her was difficult at first. Wilmer told Howard that the sex was “really good� with Mandy, but also acknowledged that it wasn’t “like warm apple pie.� Wilmer then recalled that he approached Mandy while she was shooting the cover for a magazine and that she agreed to go out with him right away. Wilmer added that he knew Mandy was interested in him when her mother told him that she changed her shirt three times in preparation for their first date.

Howard said that he had a list of women with whom Wilmer allegedly has had sex and wanted his thoughts on each of them. The first name Howard mentioned was Jennifer Love Hewitt, who Wilmer replied “was an eight.� However, Wilmer claimed that the other three girls Howard brought up – Jamie Presley, Rosaria Dawson and Jessica Alba – were just friends of his and that he’s never been physical with any of them.
Because of the number of A-Listers on Wilmer’s list of sexual partners, Howard asked him if he’s well-endowed. Wilmer responded that he’s “been blessed� in that department, before saying that his penis is more than eight inches long. Wilmer went on to report that, when he’s with celebrities, he has two things on his mind: that he can’t believe he’s actually having sex with them and that he has to be sure to perform adequately. Although Wilmer insisted that he’s been rejected by women in the past, he couldn’t remember a specific instance when it happened.

Wilmer noted that his new program, “Yo Momma,� is a “street show� that will feature “rank outs,� whereby contestants will fire insults at each other and the audience picks the winner. Upon hearing this, Howard asked Wilmer if he thought it was a good idea for someone with his kind of lifestyle to risk it all in order to go into tough neighborhoods in order to film “Yo Momma.� Wilmer replied that, because most of his friends come from such places, he feels comfortable going there, so he enjoys it and isn’t afraid.

Robin wondered if Wilmer was ever worried about not being able to perform in bed, but Howard pointed out that he doubted that was a concern of his given the size of his penis. Robin then admitted that she found Wilmer “really good-looking� and that she was getting turned on by him. Artie then informed Robin that, if she needed “to cool down,� she should look at him.

Howard announced that he wanted to play a round of “‘F,’ Marry, Kill� with Wilmer, before presenting him with Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba. Wilmer told Howard that he’d “F� Lindsay, marry Mandy and kill Jessica, explaining that Jessica was just “too good to be true.� After the next round of the game – where Wilmer said he’d marry Lindsay, “F� Mandy and kill Jennifer Love Hewitt – Artie pointed out that the correct answer was actually that he’d “F� them all and marry none of them.

Wilmer commented that this season’s finale of “That ‘70s Show� will be the program’s last episode, but that, with more than 200 episodes, the show is heading for its second round of syndication. Artie then noted that he thought Wilmer must be worth at least $15 million based on his syndication deal alone, recalling that his agent told him that if “Norm� had reached the 80 episode mark during its run, “he wouldn’t have to work again.� Unfortunately, Artie reported that “Norm� made it to only 54 episodes.

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