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No One Cares About Suri

Poor Suri. It must stink being born within months of the most popular newborn in the world. Are you still wondering why we have not seen photos of Suri Cruise? Apparently Tom is upset that they did not get the same response to his baby as the Jolie-Pitts. The supposed 3 mil Tom would have gotten was not worthy enough. I cannot believe these people pimp their newborns for millions. Here's more:

According to my sources, a photo shoot of Suri was offered to Wire Image, the prestigious agency, for sale to the various celebrity magazines right after the little "Mission: Impossible"/"Dawson's Creek" tyke was born in silence to her unmarried movie star parents Tom Cruise and the dazed-looking Katie Holmes.

An auction was conducted, with People, Us Weekly, Star and the lesser names like In Touch all putting in their two cents.

Unfortunately, it must have felt like two cents to Cruise given the amount that Shiloh Jolie-Pitt fetched from People: $4 million, not to mention more from magazines around the world.

The Cruise auction is said to have produced not more than a $3 million bid. At that point, the offer was rescinded. The mission was termed "impossible." No further word was heard from the Cruise camp.


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