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Oprah's an Angel

Oprah's an Angel

This year the season premiere of Oprah was nothing like the car give away we watched last year. This time she took us on a tour of the Superdome and showed us the horrible destruction still left behind from Katrina. I've watched so much already so it was really hard to see any more coverage of this devastating event but you know when Oprah does something she shows us the truth so I had to tune in. The stories were so heart wrenching but she manages to help the Survivors be positive in their time of need. She reunited a family and had a segment with Faith Hill delivering truckloads of supplies for the Red Cross and then singing Amazing Grace to the crowd. For those few minutes Faith's audience may have forgotten how bad things had gotten.

Since I am such a dog lover I was hysterical when a family refused to leave their beloved dog of 14 years behind. Thanks to Nate who personally took the dog home to where he was staying, the family was able to reunite with their pet. Some people think the pet thing is not important, but at a time when you have lost your home and all your possessions, your pet can be your sunshine. That part of the show really did me in.

Oprah touched our hearts as she continues to help these heartbroken Americans. Tomorrow on Oprah, John Travolta, Chris Rock and Julia Roberts get involved to help the survivors. It amazes me how fast she can rally her troops up to supply food, water, doctors and volunteers.

If you missed the show there are tons of clips and quotes on her site so click here to check it out.

In other Katrina news:

The Washington Post asks Why, Oh Why? and there are a lot of good questions that hopefully we will get some answer to soon.

Page Six reports that Diddy and Jay-Z are planning on sending more then their $1M donation. They are supplying a large amount of Roc-A-Wear and Sean John clothes for the survivors.

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