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Oprah On Dave Letterman

Finally after years and years of Dave wanting to get Oprah back on his show - it will happen! He has wanted her to appear ever since she said she would never do it because Dave made her uncomfortable. He talks about it all the time. I even wrote about it when Jennifer Aniston was on the show. He teased Jen about their friendship and how he wished he could have Oprah on the show. It is always a constant discussion for Dave.

As expected, he mentioned it tonight. Oprah has not appeared on the show since May 2, 1989 and he was thrilled to announce that she will appear on December 1st which will coincide with the opening of The Color Purple on Broadway. He showered her with compliments and he clearly is excited about the news.

Today on Oprah was one of those super exciting episodes where the audience went ballistic. This was the fabulous Oprah's favorite things episode and the entire audience was full of volunteers for Hurricane Katrina. I love when Oprah gives back to people who really deserve it. You can see the entire list of items here. I want me the new CrackBerry and those super comfy looking Nike shoes. Oprah happened to be in NYC for the 33rd International Emmy Awards Gala today. Is that her Hermes bag she is sporting?

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