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DARiEN DARiEN 9 years
i think she is sooo cute! just her face is so adorable. i like her cuz she seems to have a cute bubbly personality lol
Kate-Marie Kate-Marie 9 years
They both look gorgeous. Miranda looks straight out of a photo shoot.
melui melui 9 years
Soooo cute!!!:)
roor roor 9 years
her face doesn't appeal to me - in a way it's like she's TOO cute.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
She's so adorable in VS but here she looks like she's goinf to a funeral. UGH.
rosey_y rosey_y 9 years
Now that's what a lady should wear to the races, not the tacky, showy 'frocks' female stars usually insist on wearing.
Estefania1987 Estefania1987 9 years
Nice outfits, but definitely not my fave couple...
Betty7 Betty7 9 years
They look so adorable! I actually am a tad jealous :)
Jenny86 Jenny86 9 years
Very cute couple! I don't think she's using him as she's a very successful model in her home country, not to mention that she's being famous in the U.S. too.
Cinnamon-Girl Cinnamon-Girl 9 years
They looks so cute together :)
B-R-Girl B-R-Girl 9 years
She is the prettiest of all the Victoria Secret models. Orlando is very lucky to have her as a girlfriend. This is the cleanest I have ever seen him. He usually looks greasy.
lalalala88 lalalala88 9 years
oh and did i mention what a tool this guy is for letting her use him like that??? either he is: A) stupid enough not to (want to) notice B) totally does notice, but is to much of a tool to care and probably just as fake as she is.
lalalala88 lalalala88 9 years
ugh.... i cant stand this fame whore. this is the girl who cheated on her last boy friend with three (known) guys, says she "values her privacy" but is constantly mentioning orlando's name every time they speak to her, starts possing, the second she sees paps, and oh...... and lets not forget the time she "accidently" flashed a journalist a picture of her and him making out about three months ago. sorry, she's definatly pretty but no matter how much I try, i still cant stand her.
wolfpackgal wolfpackgal 9 years
i dont like them together.. they look like theyre going to a funeral in Zoolander
pantalaimon pantalaimon 9 years
I'd love to have opportunities to wear crazy hats like that. It's beautiful, fun andclassy at the same time. Wouldn't go with my jeans and t-shirts though!
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
I don't think they have a lot of spark together. Maybe they will grow on me over time....????
tiabia tiabia 9 years
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
She looks amazing. He looks like a dirty highschooler. Cant wait for her to dump him! ;)
laellavita laellavita 9 years
they just don't look like they have any spark to me :/
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
it's great to see these two so happy together - although i kind of wish that he and jen would get together. oh well...i'm not going to wish anything bad on them, so i think that it's great that there is a lot of parental bonding and the sort going on.
mswindang mswindang 9 years
blech.. not really into them.
LolaDub LolaDub 9 years
how cute
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