When Orlando and Kate Bosworth broke up, he was first rumored to be with Penelope Cruz and then Kirsten Dunst. While his ex Kate has clearly moved on by dating a hot model, Orlando might not be having the same luck. Apparently Penelope and Kirsten have no interest in Orlando. Page Six reports:

NOW that Orlando Bloom's ex, Kate Bosworth, has a man of her own, British model James Rousseau, Bloom is trying to find a love for himself. He tried hooking up with Kirsten Dunst and then set his eyes on Penelope Cruz. Neither seems to be interested. Bloom was partying with Cruz's best friend, Salma Hayek, and singer James Blunt at the Chateau Marmont the other night and was, according to a spy, "waiting for Penelope to show up - but she never did."

Who knows what to believe with these rumored romances. Orlando has been linked to many women. Besides, he doesn't seem to have a problem finding new mystery ladies to hang out with. Maybe he'll have better luck with the woman he's having a sushi dinner with in West Hollywood so