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Oscar Reactions

The morning after the Oscar noms have been announced we are reading everyone's reaction to the exciting news. As expected, most of the celebs were surprised, sad others from their film were not recognized, or just tired since they are so damn early on the west coast. Here are a few of my favorite reactions:

Reese Witherspoon

"I can't get any of my family on the phone because it's too early there but it's exciting," the best actress nominee (Walk the Line) told APTN during a press conference in Berlin, where the film is just opening. "I take it very seriously."

The actress said she had dozed off in her Berlin hotel during the announcements (she was "jetlagged," after flying Monday night from the London set of Penelope to Berlin), when she suddenly heard her publicist screaming. "I was having a dream...I was like, what is she screaming about? Doesn't she know I'm asleep but it was funny."

The Oscar nod was totally unexpected, she says. "You never know what people are like in every different group that votes on's completely different and made up of completely different people so, yeah I was completely surprised and thrilled and...I never thought I'd be here anyway. I never thought I'd be nominated for anything."

The Brokeback Mountain kids:

"I'm so happy for Heath, and I'm so happy for Jake (Gyllenhaal). They both really deserved it." The biggest surprise so far? "Me! I was surprised by me!"

"I think people are just getting over their personal fears," he said of "Brokeback Mountain." "It's a personal story, a very honest telling of an ancient story, which is love."
As for how he was going to celebrate the nomination, he said, "with a nap."

Jakey G:
"My phone voicemail was filled with messages so she couldn't leave a message so she called me at my house," he says. Tonight, he'll "definitely be doing something" to celebrate, he says.
As for Brokeback's eight nominations, says Gyllenhaal, "the more attention that it gets and the more it's championed by audiences and critics, the more people are likely to see it." He chatted with castmates Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams this morning. "Heath and I talked and I got a, 'Congratulations, mate!'" he says. And Gyllenhaal, who was dating Kirsten Dunst, has no word on who'll be his Oscar date. "I don't know!" he laughs.

Triple threat George Clooney who was nominated as an actor, director and writer:
''I'll be drinking tonight.''

Lots more so

Joaquin Phoenix

"Waking up this early made me reminisce about being a kid, waking up early to beat traffic, so my siblings and I could make it to auditions. In all those long car rides, I never thought about awards for acting (I didn't know they existed). I was an actor because the work was rewarding. I never imagined that it would all lead to this moment. I don't possess the vocabulary to accurately express the sense of gratitude I feel for this great honor. It's made the entire journey more fulfilling than I ever expected.''

Philip Seymour

"We haven't had a TV for four years, so I couldn't watch. And we didn't think we should buy one (just for this). We knew someone would call us, and that's what happened. Catherine (Keener, who is nominated for her role as Harper Lee) and I traded messages... It's more than any of us deserve."

Ang Lee

For "Brokeback Mountain" helmer Ang Lee, the news of eight nominations for the picture sent him into a state of "relief."
"I was anxious because I did not want anyone to be left out," he explained. "Everyone worked in harmony as a chorus. Nobody stands out."
Lee also expressed his gratitude to the Acad for feting a film that was "simply made."
"There was no cinematic ambition," he said. "I just set out to tell a story about the complexity of life and love."

Felicity Huffman

"I am flying. I have to tell you, you know how, sometimes, before a big day at work, you wake up every couple of hours? Well, last night I would dream that I was waking up, and it was 8, and it hadn't happened. Girl, it's not happening. And then I'd look at the clock, and I'd go, 'Oh, it's 1 in the morning. And then it was 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. — and I'd keep going, 'I wasn't nominated.' And then the phone rang at 5:45 PT. The phone's over on (husband) Bill's (Macy) side and he went, 'Ha, ha, ha' He chuckled, rolled over, gave me a hug, and said, 'Don't answer it.' I actually told (my publicist Annette Wolf) to please call me one way or the other, but I guess Bill intuited that that phone call was a good one."

Steven Spielberg, on earning his 10th and 11th career nominations for producing and directing Munich
''I love that they're not tired of me!''

EW Popwatch, Variety and USA Today


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