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Celebrity Kids
We've Been Spoiled With So Many Snaps of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's Daughter
Celebrity Kids
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I Love Lucy
20 Timeless Photos of Lucille Ball That Prove She'll Always Be an Icon
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Leonie14506006 Leonie14506006 4 years
How many calories does the Victoria's Secret Model 10-minute fat-burner workout burn? I do it every day and I don't know! xxx
cat6meow cat6meow 4 years
Wow! Moms have to give up their rights for fun...that's why those moms are bitcher because they put their child(ren) before themselves. My kids know that I need a break from them...I'm honest with them. I tell them, I'm going to hanging out with the girls. Now, if my kids are sick, I'm home. I cancel my plans with the ladies...but otherwise, I'm hitting the nightlife to be on that dance floor. What happen to the husbans/partners that can take care of their kids too. Why should the moms be the one to give up everything???
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 4 years
A theme party with the underlying issue of slavery? No. Passe. Big faux pas.
LyndseyWoods LyndseyWoods 4 years
I agree with the following comment: "But [when] you made the decision to have children, you gave up ‘the right' to be a crazy partying young adult. Your children come first." However, not every mother who has children chose to have them. I certainly did not. I never wanted children, but because I was raised in an extremely sheltered community where there is no sex education, one day I found myself 4-5 months pregnant and didn't know at the time that there is an option to not have the child (or in my case, 2 children). There is no one else who stepped up to raise the kids, so I have done it myself. When they were too young to stay at home by themselves, I did not go out, except for a couple of times while I was married and thus had someone to be responsible for the kids. Now that they are well-behaved, mature, and responsible teens, I have no issue with going out for the evening, as long as they know where I will be, with whom, and at what phone numbers they can reach me. Anyway, the point is, don't assume that everyone who has children wanted them beforehand. Some moms are just trying to find a balance between being responsible for their offspring and finding themselves. Maybe you got to experience being a young adult with no children at some point, but not everyone has.
Valerie-Jean-Hernandez Valerie-Jean-Hernandez 4 years
Shiny, Sparkly, Easy, practically no cost associated with this concoction. Try It You'll Like It.!!!!!
Monica7489967 Monica7489967 4 years
I think Lucy Hale would be the perfect Ana!
Monica7489967 Monica7489967 4 years
I think she would be the perfect Ana!
jewelrys7 jewelrys7 4 years
Mila looks awesome and cute!
piglet69 piglet69 4 years
is there anybody who let me know where i can get Katie Holmes' green one? i'v been eager for finding out for about 2 weeks. please help me.
regina1972 regina1972 4 years
gigi123 gigi123 4 years
mmmm..I like the cake concept!
verysharri verysharri 4 years
Awesome selection!
Silversage3010012 Silversage3010012 4 years
Emotional eating is vastly misunderstood. We all need to be kinder not only to others, but also to ourselves since this is a slippery slope many of us will have to trek at one or more times in our lives.
Carla-Hawkes Carla-Hawkes 4 years
Matthew Rodrigues is so cute!
Lisette-Mejia Lisette-Mejia 4 years
These are beautiful picks! Love them all.
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